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"A Red Smile" has a new premise. From the very start of me making my own comic book imprint, I wanted to do a werewolf book.
Werewolves have been overdone. They are very cliched. So I making it into something else. It's about a group of mad scientist 
who create a werewolf to get rid of "failed experiments." Anyway, I will be doing both the art and story for this comic book.
It will be a min comic book which will be 8-15 pages. Hopefully I will get it done by next year.

Updates on other titles:
Last Words: All artwork is done. Currently being colored by Ester. Should be out by this fall.
Killjoy: Doing a second printing. Planing to make action figures via 3d printer. Stickers by Jakprint.
The Minx; Cover done. Working on script. Planning to have it out by fall of 16.
Astropug: Drawing it. Planing to submit it to free comic book day.

Website for Defiant Ink will be up next fall. Our motto/tagline is "Non-Conformist Welcome."
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